How to Create a Custom Mashed Video





So you've got some cool seconds selected in your calendar and you're ready to make a mashed video? In this tutorial we'll go step by step on how to create a custom mashed video in 1 Second Everyday on our iOS version. There's also a video, link above, that goes step by step through this process also.


Step 1: Select to start a mash

While your viewing your calendar tap on the blue play icon on the bottom right. This will open your mashing options. You can do this in a Classic timeline or a Freestyle timeline.



Step 2: Select the Custom option

There are three ways to mash a video. All, presets, and custom. In this tutorial we're covering the custom mash option. It's the option on the bottom left and then tap "Continue".

Please note the option for "Forward" and "Backward" highlighted below. This allows you to mash a video playing in a normal forward progression or in reverse with the "Backward" option. Give both a try and see what you like more! 



Step 3: Select your start date

Now select the day you want your video to start on. This can be any day that has a second selected already. So no orange or grey days!



Step 4: Select your end date

Next is to select the day you want your video to end on. Again, this can't be orange or grey days.



Step 5: Finish and Mash

Finally, tap "Finish" and the app will do the rest!

Now that you have a perfect video it's time to share it with loved ones or just save it locally. We make it super easy for both. Automatically a "Share Your Movie" window will come up with the most common options for sharing and the option to "Keep this movie after sharing?". You can also close this window and not share. 



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