How to Use Quick Record





In this tutorial we'll dive into Quick Record with the new 1 Second Everyday camera on our iOS version. There's also a video, link above, that goes step by step through this process also.


Step 1: Open up the camera

While your viewing your calendar tap on the camera icon on the bottom left. This will open the camera.



Step 2: Focus the camera

While you're in the camera you can tap and hold on the screen to focus or lock the focus.



Step 3: Quick Record

Also while in the camera, please and hold on the circular blue button on the right hand side. This starts the recording process. Release once you have your moment captured. This will grab the last second you recorded automatically and save it as the second of the day. Super easy and quick. The long version of the video is also saved on your device if you need it.



Step 4: Record the normal way

There's also the regular normal way to record video that you're used to. Simply tap the blue record button to start and again to stop recording. 

Next, you will be taken to the snippet selector screen. From here you can preview your second by tapping the play icon in the orange box (lower left corner). You can also adjust your second frame by frame by tapping the blue arrows on the left and right hand side of the scrubber. Lastly, don't forget about super seconds, which give you 1.5 seconds. Super second can be turned on by tapping the plus icon in the orange square on the bottom left.

Once you've selected you second by tapping the orange scissor circle above, you're taken back to the calendar. Which now shows your new second saved for the day. Yay!







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