How to Mash Your Instagram Posts with Insta-Mash





In this tutorial we'll go step by step on how to make an Insta-Mash video of your Instagram posts in 1 Second Everyday on our iOS version. There's also a video, link above, that goes step by step through this process also.


Step 1: Start an Insta-Mash

While your viewing your calendar tap on the camera icon with a bow on the top nav. This will take you to the Insta-Mash feature.



Step 2: Make a Top 30 Insta-Mash first

The first thing we make is a "Top 30" of your Instagram posts. These are the most populate posts for you. We'll take all these posts from your Instagram account and mash them into a "Top 30" teaser for you. This gives you a good example of what an Insta-Mash looks like. Simply tap the "Yes Please!" to begin.



Step 3: Log into Instagram

We need access to your Instagram account to grab all the posts.



Step 4: The magic starts

As we mash this video we'll show you some cool facts about your posts. Hashtags for example will come up. This is just a teaser, the option for a full year Insta-Mash will come after this.

This is the intro screen for your "Top 30" video:



Step 5: Make a year long Insta-Mash

Pretty awesome "Top 30" Insta-Mash? Let's make a year long one next. After your video plays, you'll be given the option to mash all your posts from 2016. 

You'll have the option to share your "Top 30" video after it plays. This same screen will show up if you decide to make a year long Insta-Mash. Giving you the option to share that also.





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