Easily adjust the brightness of your videos


While using the camera on your iPhone you can easily adjust the exposure of your video. This helps with those low light evening shots or super bright beach scenes. 

1. Open the **Camera app**.
2. Tap anywhere on the live preview in order to bring up the **focus point**.
3. Tap and hold on the **sun icon** that appears next to it.
4. You'll now see a slider that allows you to adjust the exposure.
5. Drag your finger **down** in order to bring the exposure bias down — in other words to make the photo darker.
6. Drag your finger **up** in order to bring the exposure bias up — in other words make the photo brighter.

See reference images below to see what we're referring to. This trick helped us a lot with videos and know you'll love it.

Via http://www.imore.com/how-quickly-adjust-exposure-ios-8-camera-app

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