How does 1SE save my 1 second snippets?


1SE saves your snippets in HD within the app’s data on your phone. They are NOT automatically sent to the cloud. They are held privately by you and you alone. You can remove your original videos from your phone after you have selected your second for a day. We recommend backing up all original videos you use just in case of an emergency.

Long term, we would love to offer our own backup solution for everyone's snippets. Right now 1SE stores your snippets with the app data, as long as you’re backing up the app, your snippets are safe. When you upgrade to a new iPhone, make sure you make one final last backup of all your phone data. You can back up apps using iTunes or iCloud. 

If you're backing up through iCloud, you can make sure that you are backing up 1SE by checking here:


in iTunes you can make sure you are backing up your entire phone, and restoring from those complete backups by checking the appropriate options here when you plug your phone in:

If you're backing up through iTunes, you can make sure that you are backing up 1SE by checking devices once you plug in your phone. Make sure to transfer your purchases or "Sync your apps". This will transfer 1SE and it's data with the back up.

If you're backing up with our Android version, this is done with Google Drive. When you log into your Google Drive account on your first log into the 1 Second Everyday app, this will start to automatically save your data to that account.

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