Upgrades to video quality: Why to upgrade previously selected snippets.


Hi 1SE Peeps!

In one of our recent updates over the past 2 months, the quality of selected snippets took a dip.  While most users didn't even notice (us included), we received a detailed report from one of you awesome users that brought it to our attention.  Thanks to his tip, we quickly bumped the quality back up and it's reflected in this update.  There's nothing you have to do on your end, but if you'd like any snippets selected in the last 2 months to receive his bump in quality, you have to re-select them from the original video.  We apologize in advance if that's no longer possible, but as I mentioned, the difference isn't perceived by most users. Both are HD.

Thanks again for your continued support.  We are SO EXCITED for the updates coming in the next few months.  Including this update which brings UX and visual design improvements to the app!!!!! :)

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